Practical science to self-healing

Foreword by Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D.

"This work excites, thrills, defies, clarifies, reminds, touches, and challenges readers to become self-motivated, self-aware, and self-empowered with the goal of living long, healthy, rich lives. I've been exploring the author's premises for my own well-being and have found them helpful and energizing. They are fun too." ––Jean Houston, Ph.D., author of Jump Time and A Passion for the Possible

"A lively and health-giving work!"––Barbara Marx Hubbard, President, Foundation for Conscious Evolution and author of Conscious Evolution and Emergence

"This work reflects the passion, commitment, and brilliance of Elaine Smitha . . .

a leader in the revolution that is reshaping the way we view human health and disease."

––Stephen M. Fulton, M.D., Chair, Biology Department and Director of Pre-Health Services,

Saint Martin's University 

"What a wonderful book! Essential reading for everyone who wants to be healthy, wealthy, and wise."

––Virender Sodhi, M.D., N.D., Ayurvedic and Naturopathic Physician

"This beautiful book is worth more than gold. Elaine's words string together like precious jewels.

She is a more successful medical communicator than myself in my medical life."

––Thieu Nghiem, M.D., former Washington State Chief of Public Health


Hi,  I just finished reading your excellent self-help book.  Yes, consciousness is everything. Elaine, you were in an advanced state of consciousness when you wrote this powerful book and you are beyond that now, I am sure.  We are what we think and program ourselves to be, certainly at many levels.  Then of course, Karma also enters into the mix.  You have inspired me to work on getting rid of my eyeglasses.

       I have read about the outstanding work of Antoine Priore some years ago in Nexus magazine.  You further elucidated his work and the insight of Tom Bearden in Appendix B were extremely helpful to his work but also to understand "standing waves."  I hope your book has a wide audience--people and the world need it.                

Phil  Vogel, Lacey, WA

Hi Elaine,

             I want to say how fascinating your book is... If You Make The Rules, How Come You’re Not Boss? Thank you for introducing me to Bruce Lipton and his discoveries that define the crossing between spirit and matter.   Thank you for sharing your personal experiences and introducing  exciting new ways in which to look at our mind/spirit and bodies and the connection between them. To me, this book explains why the Law of Attraction works and helps to facilitate end goals because of the understanding of how 'it' works.  This is truly a book for our century.  I think we are ready. Thanks again, Elaine.

Chris Wrinn - Milford, CT





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