Viewer Comments

"ELAINE SMITHA presents herself in such a stately and ambassador-like way, surrounded with such a great power of peace and positiveness, that I feel her programs should be expanded to a wider public, so they could be captivated as well. ... a "renaissance woman." R.G. Jason-Ickes

"...cutting-edge and even more - out in front of the pack- on where this world is heading. Elaine put all those namby-pamby milquetoasts to shame-Larry King should hang his head in shame." Larry Lange, NY

"...watched Elaine and her guests for years...the most consistently fascinating show in my viewing. "A Dare To...Being “ never fails to hold my most rapt attention. Truly Elaine, is the Bill Moyers of the Pacific Northwest!" B. Cox

“I run a private video club each week of 10-15 people in Wales and Spain. We share the information on the show with an excited and inspired discussion. We rarely leave without finding some practical application to which we can put our newfound knowledge.  The video is a pebble in a pool sending ripples around the world. The impact is far larger than anyone could realize.

Elaine, God bless and keep up your amazing, outrageous and wonderful work.

D. Rhodes, Wales, UK

"This gift is symbolic of our appreciation for all Elaine has done to facilitate fascinating speakers through her TV series, EVOLVING IDEAS™." T & S Miller

"I would like to see this series continue, as each time I have seen the program I learn valuable insights and information."

A.E. Sikos

"Elaine is a bridge to the 'higher' world, a great help to people without those connections. We enjoy the shows a lot."

I. Lott

“The TV program, Evolving Ideas™, has become a perennial favorite of mine. Elaine is an excellent hostess with the skills and savvy to keep guests both comfortable and forthcoming.”  J. Salsman

“I enjoy Elaine’s programs. She asks good probing questions of her guests.”

J. Hannah

“I admire Elaine greatly for producing a cutting edge show such as 'EVOLVING IDEAS™ TV. New knowledge, new thoughts and ideas, stimulated by her program are of immeasurable value to me. Again, congratulations on achieving an excellent production, and for sharing her enthusiasm, courage and insight.” C. Blackwell

“Elaine’s show has obviously made a positive impact. Keep it up.” O. Salazar

"I truly appreciate the work Elaine does. She is one of the few real pioneers...ahead of time. I often think of it as the first Europeans that came to America and shaped the land." B. Wosk, Sweden

“I love Evolving Ideas™ show.” L. Watt

"Discovered Elaine’s show 2 years ago and believe it's the most informative of any TV program anywhere. My friends and I watch her shows & then have great things to talk about. Without her show, we’d not be as well informed." G. Hart

“Elaine is a great, great listener and makes a very safe space for others. She should be on national TV instead of Barbara WaWa on ABC. If not instead of, certainly 'along with.”

S. Solomon

"Thank you for the huge part you are playing in our specie's evolution by exposing us to ideas and concepts outside the consensual trance state imposed upon us since birth."

D. Wright, CA

“In '97 I obtained some American videos, part of a series of programmes under the title, 'Evolving Ideas'. I found these interesting and stimulating & started to show them to friends and acquaintances. The area where I live has a large number of foreigners amongst which new ideas are flourishing. People are very interested, most stay after the show for a cup of tea. Talks go on for hours afterwards.“ J. Randal-Alicante, Spain 

Guest Comments

Cheryl Richardson

Coach and Author: Take Time for Your Life

"It was delightful to meet you and work with you.  I'm thrilled to hear your work will be reaching more people. The world needs the wisdom and insight that your program has to offer."

Bob Mueller

Art Director/Executive VP- Lightspeed Design, Inc.

"Participating in 'Evolving Ideas with Elaine Smitha' was like breathing. Elaine is one of the most genuine interviewers

I've ever met. She knows her stuff-actually bones up on topics before discussing them-and this really helps her get

right to the heart of the matter, to the information that really means something. Her warmth, and her unrelenting

desire to learn and share knowledge are contagious. This was no banal 'interview', it was 'Conversation that Matters'.

What better television could there be? Her personal interests become our benefits.

John Hogue

Author: Nostradamus and the Millennium,  and others in the same genre. "The shows we did turned out to be some of the best shows I've done. One of the things that makes Elaine’s shows so great is she gives time to her guests to go deeply into the subject."

Steve Bhaerman-Swami Beyondananda

Author: Duck Soup for the Soul

"Kudos to Elaine Smitha for Evolving Ideas™ to create an 'alter native' reality…her show has altered many natives for the better, and now with expanded viewer-ship will help alter many more."


Lt. Col. Thomas E. Bearden (ret)

Author Excalibur Briefing, Energetics of Free Energy Systems & Vacuum Engine Therapeutics

"Elaine Smitha is a charming, friendly, but incisive interviewer and moderator. She has a very real knack of allowing the person interviewed to make the necessary point, but also to maintain the focus of the interview on its purpose and on getting the information across to the viewing audience. She is also sincere in what she is doing, and the person interviewed gets this immediately.  It is a pleasure for any dedicated, sincere researcher to work with Elaine. It's a win-win experience

for all concerned--and that includes the advertiser; when the audience's needs are truly met, so are the advertiser's.

I also personally like what Elaine is doing, and what she conceives as her real mission. She is indeed one of the persons 'cutting through the fog' and showing it like it is.  In my view, we need more Elaine Smitha’s in this world, and particularly in the interviewing position in front of the television cameras. The audience can tell the real thing when it sees it, and it definitely sees it in Elaine Smitha."


Philip Martin

Author: The Zen Path Through Depression

"I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed our interview and discussion of my book on Elaine’s show.  I had the opportunity during my book tour to observe the interview styles of many people.  Elaine is one of the most enjoyable, in that I found her open and understanding of what the work was about.  But more than that she challenged me in such a way that I saw my work and my message in a different light.  I came away from our talk with a better understanding of my own subject-something that is very rare to find in an interviewer."


Trudy J. Olson

Certified Natural Eyesight Improvement Teacher

"I was interviewed about Natural Eyesight Improvement which I teach. ...Elaine’s professionalism, knowledge and skills make her guests feel at ease and bring the best information to the audience.

Altogether a wonderful memory.


Peter Novak

Author: The Division of Consciousness

"From the very first moment, the down to earth, friendly yet intelligent style of Elaine and her staff had me feeling

comfortable and refreshed. I soon found myself deeply engaged in animated discussions. I was particularly impressed with Elaine's comprehensive grasp of the sometimes challenging topics I had come to discuss. The lady certainly does her homework; her breadth and depth of knowledge, her familiarity with so many diverse fields allowed her to actually expand on my work, perceiving apparent connections and implications of my research which I myself had not yet glimpsed. I came away from the interview with far more than I'd expected."


Thieu Nghiem, M.D. (retired)

Former Washington State Chief of Public Health

"There is a thirst for necessary information, real need of useful transmission. For too long we have neglected to use TV for transmission of true knowledge which I consider to be the root cause of human sufferings. Cheers for the unlimited ability to expand knowledge, happiness, vitality, and uplifting friendship of the whole brotherhood of human collectivities."



Elaine Childs Gowell ARNP PhD

Author: Good Grief Rituals

"Elaine Smitha is a perceptive and thoughtful interviewer, and working with her is a delight. I have enjoyed sharing it with friends and colleagues who are deeply impressed with the insightful questions asked, and the 'good conversation" engendered in Elaine's interviews."


Myrna Orsini

Founder and Director of

Monarch Contemporary Art Center and Sculpture Park

Elaine Smitha's show allowed us to reach a larger community audience with the concept of a sculpture park and a working center for emerging artists.

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